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I'm happy you're here.

Let's get you some beef.

Here at Bosben Rd Beef Co (BRBC) we take pride in what we do and want to share it with you. Right here in the heart of Wisconsin, minutes from the state capitol we are honored to be a part of this industry and feeding the world. Head on over to the “about pages” to learn more on our roots here at BRBC- then go check out the real reason you’re here- THE BEEF! 

Individual Cuts

A great way to try new cuts and products or if you are cooking for one!


Try our seasonable and variation bundles. A great option if you are looking for variety. 


A smart way to shop if you have the room - buy in volume and superior quality. 

“As a lifetime big box store beef eater, Bosben Road Beef Company's products are so authentic and so tasty that I started to question what I have been eating. No more big box store pink slime for me!.”

                - Steve T. 


—  Name, Title

Hey there, I’m Grace, the face behind Bosben Rd Beef Co. Most days you can find me out in the pasture walking through our herd, dreaming up my next big idea. I am known for my honest words, work ethic and my drive to succeed and make the best of every situation and opportunity put in front of me. 


My passion is creating community and connecting the faces of the agriculture industry to consumers, with the intention that each person better understands what happens in the daily life of a contributor to the agriculture industry. 


It is my goal to provide delicious, quality beef to consumers, while connecting on a personal level and helping them to understand the depths of their food and how it ends up on their plate. I strive to develop a trustworthy relationship with every customer to ensure they know what goes into the perfectly cooked steak, piece of beef jerky, or fall-off-the-bone roast. 


As a woman in agriculture, I have been involved in the industry my entire life. Starting with 4-H and FFA at a young age and carrying into college. I am a graduate of Iowa State University, class of 2021, with a degree in Agricultural Communications. I am currently completing my second internship as a marketing intern with a local co-op. 


On the farm I enjoy working with the cattle, documenting day-to-day activities, talking with family and friends in the dim light of the most peaceful sunsets, playing catch with the farm dogs, watching a new baby find its legs for the first time, moving cows out to corn stalks after a summer on grass... I could go on forever, trust me. 


When I am not on the farm or working on something ag related you can find me trying new recipes and eating all the sweets, shopping for a good deal, investing in myself and listening to good music.

Follow along with the daily happenings on Instagram @gracemlink 


Haven’t got enough? Head over to our Instagram or Facebook, Bosben Rd Beef Co. I would love to share more with you! 


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