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What are your animals fed?

The animals harvested for BRBC are fed a variety of feedstuffs throughout their life. When they are still milking from their mothers, they are also on grass pasture. After weaning they remain on grass pasture and are fed a limited ration with high protein silage, corn, and hay. When they are entering the finishing stage, they receive a high- protein grain ration and starch products. At all times our cattle have access to fresh water and free-choice minerals.

Who processes your beef?​

Currently, we work with 2 state-inspected facilities; Stoddards Meat Market in Cottage Grove, WI, and Country Meat Cutters in Reeseville, WI. 

Do you offer bulk beef shares?

Yes, we do, but not year-round. Our bulk beef shares are all on a pre-sold basis and have one flat cost per share (Not by the pound or paying the processor). If you do not see any information on bulk beef shares under the "shop" tab, please reach out to be notified when our next shares will be opened for reservation.

What ingredients does the further processed meat contain?

​The main ingredient in all further processed meat at BRBC is beef but other ingredients like water, mustard seed, spices, and sodium nitrates are added to improve preservation qualities and taste. I would be happy to provide a complete list of ingredients for further processed items upon request.

Do you offer gift certificates for BRBC?

Yes, we can surely set you up with a gift certificate for the BRBC store. Head to the "shop" tab, and select gift card. It will take you through a short process to select your amount, checkout, and send it right to the receiver. 


Why should I buy BRBC beef?

Our cattle are raised as humanely as possible on quality feed products. The animals processed for BRBC are not treated with any antibiotics or added growth hormones. We take great pride in knowing how our food is raised and where it comes from and want you to have the same knowledge.

Do you ship your beef?​

No, we do not ship beef as our current focus is serving our local community, but you are more than willing to take it anywhere you’d like! 

Do you ever offer discounts?​

Yes, being a small business, I value customer feedback, and you guys love discounts and coupons! We occasionally offer sales and discounts through our monthly emails, sign up for those if you want in! That being said we take pride in our products and know the work and effort we put into raising these cattle for you to consume.

Can I pick up my beef?​

Yes, absolutely. If you happen to be in the area or are local, feel free to send us a message or give a call and create an appointment to pick up your beef. We’d love to have you at the farm.

Do you guarantee your product?​

Yes, BRBC offers a lifetime, 100% money-back guarantee. If at any time between the day you purchase and the day you prepare and consume the beef, you are unsatisfied please do let us know and you'll receive your money back..

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