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The Cattle


All cattle are fed a complete ration diet, supplemented with loose mineral and mineral licks. Calves are raised on their mother’s milk and on pasture up until weaning. After weaning, they remain on pasture and are supplemented with grass hay and a high energy, protein diet. The steers which are raised for BRBC are derived from our Angus and Angus Gelbvieh cross cattle. We use this cross because they have a great rate of gain, are well-marbled, and are feed efficient. 

Today, our farm is home to a herd of Angus, Simmental, and Gelbvieh cows. And I cannot fail to mention our small flock of chickens, barn cats, and want-to-be cow dogs! A small group of Gelbvieh cows were our initial purchase and they became the foundation of our herd. The big-framed, maternal, docile cows worked well for us at the time. A few years later I started my own herd of registered Angus and Simmental cattle. While each breed has its favored characteristics, there is nothing wrong with a little bit of them all! 


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