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The People

Jim and Linda – my Dad and Mom are the backbone of the program, the people who make it possible. I grew up a first-generation beef producer, as my Dad grew up in the dairy industry and my Mom in town. They taught me a lot in life and for that I am so thankful. I am grateful to have grown up on a farm and been given numerous opportunities within the beef industry. I always worked hard and understood a group effort goes farther than being on your own and I can attribute that to my parents. Fast forward to today, we are moving on to the next big idea – direct to consumer beef products.


Grace and Montana - the dreamers and the doers. Montana and I have a similar love for the cattle industry, we both love a good steak and cheering on baby calves as they take their first steps. We each excel in different areas when it comes to working with cattle and I believe that is why we make such a good team.


JoJo and Sadie - the farm dogs. Sadie’s bark is a lot bigger than her bite, well she doesn’t bite but she likes to put on a show for new people. She’s not big on working with the cows, as they are a little too friendly for her. JoJo was me and Montana's first dog. She is not quite the conventional “farm dog” being a goldendoodle but she loves the cows and is not afraid to play in the mud. 

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