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The Farm

This very farm that Bosben Rd Beef Co was founded on, has been in the family, in some perspective, for over 60 years. My grandparents raised their seven children in the dairy industry. Together they managed five dairy farms in Dane County, and this was “Farm 4.” At one time this farm housed 80 head of registered Holstein cows. In 1991 there was a large fire that destroyed the barn where the cows were milked and shortly after they discontinued milking at this location. 


Although, as a child, my Dad never imagined he would continue his family legacy here, that is exactly what has happened. There have been many changes over the years - but we are sure proud of how far it’s come. Change can mean a lot for a family farm: changes in management, changes in livestock, changes in the landscape. It’s all evolution and working for the future. I cannot wait to see the mark that my family and I make on this farm in the coming years.


Today, these acres house a growing herd of cattle where they are carefully managed on a rotational grazing program. We also have row crop acreage which produces seed corn and soybeans. After harvest, the cows graze this area in the winter and a few acres of hay ground that we cut each year to make the winter's feed supply.

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