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Bulk Beef Shares

We are making bulk beef buying enjoyable, easy, and exciting. 
My grass-fed grain-finished product will allow your family the accessibility to fresh, family-raised beef; and you’ll be content knowing exactly who raised it and where it came from. Going into summer imagine quicker meal plans, no need to rely on grocery store stock, and fighting increasing inflation on food products.  
How does it work?
  • Reserve your beef by submitting a deposit online

  • After the deposit is paid I’ll send you a confirmation email and keep you notified of next steps

  • I’ll select the most market-ready beef

  • Once processed, packed, and frozen, I'll pick up, sort, and box the beef into your specific family/s share

Why buy bulk beef? 
  • Superior quality beef, grass-fed and grain-finished to perfection

  • Supporting a locally owned family business that values sustainable agriculture and the future of our world

  • A nutritionally rich product that provides an excellent source of protein and over 10 essential vitamins and minerals

  • A freezer stocked with beef; not having to worry about bare grocery store meat counters

  • Save money by buying bulk instead of spending on inflating food prices

Price Includes:
  • All processing fees 

    • Meat is hung 14+ days to allow for further aging

    • Meat is flash-frozen to lock in quality

  • All steaks and roasts are professionally vacuum-packed individually to ensure long-lasting freshness and flavor, labeled with the product name

  • Free delivery within 100 miles of DT Madison WI

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back

  • Can include organ meats upon request

Still not sure? Here's was previous customers have said...

"Buying bulk works great for our family as I always have a freezer full and it's fresh. I love knowing where the food I'm feeding my kids is coming from."

                      - Sarah K.

"Purchasing an 1/8 beef share has been perfect for me as I cook for one. I love the variety of cuts and the meat is constantly delicious. Definitely a difference between store bought and won't be buying elsewhere since I found BRBC."

                      - Adam V.

"Grace is so great to work with and always accommodating. We love to split a 1/2 beef share with our kids and it makes a great gift. I love knowing I don't have to rely on the super markets and changing prices for my red meat protein. "

                      - Cheryl S.

"I'm consistently impressed by the quality of beef we get when buying a share and I love supporting local agriculture."

                      - Samantha S.

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